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Our services 

See Me Please is the only organisation in the world providing a one-stop-shop for digital teams to access a broad range of diverse and disabled customers for user testing in a way that supports the fast, iterative nature of modern software development.

Diverse insights, as a service

Our standard offering is the curation of panels, comprising 18 user testers, across six distinct cohorts, to use your services.

It's the dude from before. The Accessibility All Star Character that walks around holding up giant love hearts

Our testers follow an end-to-end customer journey providing valuable insights for many teams by testing numerous products. 

We show you how people interact and use your online experiences rather than auditing your webpage or talking about accessibility in broad terms. 

Let us show you

For each customer journey we review, we provide a consolidated insights report with prioritised recommendations and a recording of the user interface of someone who is blind, someone who has low vision, someone who is neurodivergent, someone who is non-English speaking someone who is deaf and someone older than 70. 

We think there's just as much value in our recordings, to build awareness and uplift accessibility capabilities as there is in the accessibility reports we provide. Take a look...

How we work

An Accessibility All Star Character in a zoom call with a client. The All Star is waving in a fancy yellow jumper and big hoop earrings. The client on the other screen is sipping a hot coffee.


Organisation requests review

An organisation or government agency requests a review from See Me Please. Generally, our Accessibility-All-Stars carry out user testing on an end-to-end customer journey such as completing a transaction, opening an account or submitting a form. 

This provides organisations with greater value through insights across numerous products i.e website, search, forms, payments and app. 

See Me Please provide each organisation with a quote for each review. We generally turn this around within one working day. 


We curate a panel of 18 diverse insights

It's eight accessibility all star characters all connected and collaborating. They all look diverse and engaged

Each project review must include at least 18 diverse insights.


Diversity is at the heart of our offering. If you've done user research with one person who is blind, you've done user research with one person who is blind. That one person doesn't reflect the user experience or assistive technology preferences of the entire no vision community.


It's serious steve, an accessibility all star hard at work on his computer

Our Accessibility-All-Stars use your services and record their experience

Our Accessibility-All-Stars opt in for each project, record their user experience and provide feedback.

We curate a panel of diverse Accessibility-All-Stars to ensure you gain valuable insights across numerous types of assistive technologies, adaptions disabilities, age-groups, locations and device types.


For each project, we'll not only include Accessibility-All-Stars with different disabilities, but also diverse insights within each cohort. Each project generally includes 3 testers without vision who prefer different types of screen readers, 3 testers who magnify or adapt colours differently, testers who prefer different devices, and testers who prefer different browsers. 


We provide insights and uplift your teams' empathy

We provide you with a consolidated insights report including:

  • Usability insights for numerous features across the customer journey 

  • average time to complete, average clicks and friction points across all Accessibility-All-Star Testers

  • Specific insights into the experience of each Accessibility-All-Star Cohort and their assistive technologies or adaptions

  • Recordings of our Accessibility-All-Stars experiences

  • Feedback and survey insights from our Accessibility-All-Stars

Five See Me Please All Stars, they're holding stars in the air because they're integral helping businesses understand the usability of their services

Australian Consumer Safeguards

The See Me Please digital platform will empower your customer cohorts to provide honest feedback on their experience to the benefit of both customer and service provider. Further, I note your efforts to protect your reviewers from exploitation through provision of wages beyond the minimum rate and deadlines for completion of the work that account for the needs of the customer cohorts.

Workforce Australia 

Local Employment Facilitator

We recognise the potential of our collaboration with See Me Please to generate more open and ongoing employment opportunities for people who have experienced long-term unemployment and look forward to strengthening our collaboration to create more employment opportunities for those who need them. 

Independent Member for Mackellar

 Simplifying the delivery of information and services online is of benefit to the whole community and especially those with no or low vision, hearing or language difficulties, or more diverse cognitive processing.

The concept of offering feedback, and constructive recommendations, from a varied range of individuals to businesses- so can improve the accessibility of their services, also enables opportunities for employment for people  who may experience difficulty in finding work.
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