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Your feedback project for
Services Australia

There are 3 parts to this project 

We've provided the details below, but here's a quick snapshot of what's required

1. Complete the short rental application form we provide 

2. Submit the rental application form on this page via the 'upload tasks button' 

3. Complete the detailed questionnaire we provide

Project Scenario

The scenario 

In this scenario, imagine you’re dealing with a highly competitive rental market in Australia. Due to high demand and limited supply, rental prices have soared, and securing a property is tough.

You’re in an unfortunate situation where you need to move within the next two weeks.


Despite inspecting 10 properties, you haven’t been able to secure a lease due to high prices and intense competition.

You’ve found an ideal property you’d like to lease. After inspecting it this morning along with many other interested parties, the real estate agent from LJ Hooker advised you to submit an application if you’re interested. They provided the application link below.

Project Checklist

Task one - your user experience completing the form

  • Record how you complete the rental application form. It might be that you need to fill the form out manually. If this is the case, just record your narration, explaining any issues or questions that come to mind as you complete the form. 

  • The recording tool we provide may not be ideal for this scenario. Feel free to just record a selfie of how you complete the form if that works better for you. You can upload recordings below. 

  • Remember to introduce yourself for example 'Hi, I'm Katie, I'm going to be sharing my user experience from a neurodivergent perspective'. 

  • Note the identification and supporting documents required on the form. Explain what supporting documents would you choose to submit with this rental application. 

  • Remember to save the form, we're going to ask you to submit it in step 2. 


Feel free to make up details to complete the form e.g.,


1 Cool Parade,


NSW 2000.


If you make information up for the purpose of completing the form, please explain that as you go. 

If You Cannot Complete the Form independently:

  • Record your attempt and explain why you’re unable to complete it.

  • Describe how you would normally have the form completed in a scenario like this e.g:​​​

    • How would you share the information with the person helping you (i.e. email them information, sit with them, text them information

    • What information would you provide the person helping you

    • Why would you ask that person?

    • Who would you ask for help?

You don't need to record this section. 

  • Note the identification and supporting documents to be submitted with the form.

  • Once you've completed the recording, upload the completed form, and supporting documents using the drop box button below. 

  • If you prefer not to submit copies of your supporting documents, upload a word document listing the specific documents you would have provided in this scenario.

Note: These identity artifacts will be held securely in the drop box and not shared outside of See Me Please. These records will be deleted within 7 days of your submission with no copies kept on file. 

Task 2 - Uploading your documents 


Complete the questionnaire provided below for this project to give detailed feedback on your experience and the overall process. 

Task 3 - questionnaire 

Complete the survey

Recording your tasks 

See Me Please has set up an easy way for you to record your tasks below. 


Alternatively,  you can use any screen recording platform you like and upload the recording below. 

A range of screen recording options are available, for example, using the built-in recording software on your device, the free version of Zoom, or the free platform OBS. 

It's a male character from See Me Please busy on his computer typing

Frequently asked questions

It's another Accessibility All Star. She's sitting on a big stack of coins holding a dollar. She must work in payroll

When do I get paid?

You will need to complete the project tasks in order to get paid. 

Once complete, you'll be paid a week in arears on the Friday. 

Can you provide an example of 'good' user testing?

Here are a few tips to ensure your feedback is impactful:

  • Be Yourself: We are interested in your experience, and it's best if you relax and be yourself. Focus on your own interactions rather than providing general design or technology advice. 

  • Record Your Screen: Including any adaptations or assistive technologies you use. This serves as a visual aid helping our client to understand the diverse needs and accessibility challenges some users face.

  • Narrate Your Experience: Describe any issues, problems, or confusion you encounter. Your narration provides context and clarity, making your feedback more actionable. 

  • Turn On Your Camera: If you’re comfortable, please turn on your camera. Part of See Me Please’s mission is to highlight the human aspect of digital interactions. Being able to connect with humans providing feedback reinforces that you are a real person, not just data in a report. 

I'm not sure what to do! 

We're here to help. 

Feel free to email us at 

We'll get in touch regarding your question or set up a time to chat. 

User testing example 

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