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A flexible side hustle making a meaningful difference, right from your own home! 

We don't need tech wizards, we're looking for normal people who are willing to use online services and provide feedback. 

Before you apply

There's a few things you should be aware of 

  • We'll need to check you meet an 'eligible cohort' of See Me Please user testers.

    • The easiest way to apply is to have your Disability Employment Service Provider refer you as an eligible tester. This means you'll be offered to join our panel straight away. 

    • If you don't have a Disability Employment Service Provider, you can apply directly. But you might need to provide additional information to confirm you meet the eligibility criteria. You may also be asked to attend a short interview. 

  • You'll need to provide a little bit of information about yourself, including a profile photo​

  • You'll need to provide a valid ABN. If you don’t have one, applying for your ABN should be free and easy. You can find more information at Let me know how to set up an ABN

  • You'll need to confirm your bank details 

How does it work?

How many hours can I work?

ABN and TFN 

Your personal information & privacy

What's the recruitment process?

How do I get paid?

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