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We care about our Accessibility-All-Stars 

Social responsibility is at the core of everything we do.

We recognise the challenges of the gig economy and want to set an example of what 'good' employment conditions look like. 

We want to create 300 jobs in our first 3 years 

We hire almost all of our team through Disability Employment Services such as Omnia Inclusive, AtWork, Vision Australia and Workforce Australia.

In Australia, it's lawful to pay people with disabilities as little as $2.90 per hour

We pay our Accessibility-All-Stars a floor hourly rate of at least $55 per hour, double the ‘normal’ min wage.

We think Uber could learn from our approach to the gig economy

We are conscious of the gig economy and value our team. We pay all testers a min of 3 hours of work for every project, even if it takes them less than an hour.

We make it easy

Our Accessibility-All-Stars can opt to onboard as a casual employee or be paid via an ABN

Australian Consumer Safeguards

The See Me Please digital platform will empower your customer cohorts to provide honest feedback on their experience to the benefit of both customer and service provider. Further, I note your efforts to protect your reviewers from exploitation through provision of wages beyond the minimum rate and deadlines for completion of the work that account for the needs of the customer cohorts.

Workforce Australia 

Local Employment Facilitator

We recognise the potential of our collaboration with See Me Please to generate more open and ongoing employment opportunities for people who have experienced long-term unemployment and look forward to strengthening our collaboration to create more employment opportunities for those who need them. 

Independent Member for Mackellar

 Simplifying the delivery of information and services online is of benefit to the whole community and especially those with no or low vision, hearing or language difficulties, or more diverse cognitive processing.

The concept of offering feedback, and constructive recommendations, from a varied range of individuals to businesses- so can improve the accessibility of their services, also enables opportunities for employment for people  who may experience difficulty in finding work.
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