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This is an about page on different recording softwares for Windows PC/Laptop

For windows PC/Laptop there is a couple options depending on what you want to share. Could be
built in audio, Webcam or Sharing certain Screens. 

Built in Screen recording Software for Windows

1. Starting Recording on your Windows PC/Laptop

Step 1

To Start Recording Press these buttons on your keyboard at the same time. The Windows Key+Alt+R.

Step 2

It will start recording your screen Immediately

2. Ending the Recording on your Windows PC/Laptop

Step 1

To end the recording press the some keys you press to start the recording which were
Windows Key+ALT+R

3. Where Is the recording stored

To find your recording go to the folders application on your computer and scroll down on the left hand side till you find the Videos Category. Click on Videos and open the folder called "Captures". The Screen Recording will be stored there

4. How to Send the Screen recording to Us

To Be added


What is Zoom

Need to check if we want to do 

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