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How See Me Please employs our Accessibility-All-Stars

A man who looks like he has somewhere to be. He is in a wheelchair and rolling with a sense of direction.

What is 'See Me Please'

See Me Please aims to transform the internet globally.


Inspired by companies like Uber and Airbnb, we connect people facing unique challenges, like disabilities or language barriers, with developers, designers, and businesses.


We create a dynamic interaction, benefiting both groups.

On one side, we offer tech teams and businesses valuable insights into the effectiveness of their digital products. This helps businesses identify areas where their offerings can be more accessible, ultimately improving their market share.

On the other side, we create employment and empower individuals with disabilities, the elderly, and non-native English speakers to review and give feedback on digital experiences.


A photo of a teenage boy in a wheelchair playing computer games

Flexible work, from home, making a real impact

We need people with diverse lived experiences to benefit our vibrant community of people with diverse lived experiences

We don't need tech wizards 

We hire normal people to review everyday digital products

A woman using sign language on a video call. She looks happy and content. She is wearing a black and white shirt and pearl earrings

Many organisations look at the effectiveness of their digital experiences from their own perspective. 

We're helping them bridge the gap.


We connect organisations with people who have diverse life experiences to help make their digital footprint easier to use for everyone.  


Min 3 hours pay

We want to set an example of what 'good' looks like for casual employment. And we don't want to put pressure on you! So you'll be paid a min 3 hours pay, even if the review doesn't take that long. 

Flexibility to work how and when you want to

Opt to work as regularly as you like - 3 hours when you want or full time. 

It's BS people with disabilities can legally be paid $2.90 p/h

So we set a min pay rate of $55 per hour. That's double the 'normal' min wage. 

Rockstar reviewers can also opt to charge a higher rate. 

We need people with diverse lived experiences

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