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Recording on an iphone or ipad 

This page is to help you set up audio and screen recording on your iphone

Built in Screen recording Software

1. Activating screen sharing as a function on your phone

Step 1. 1

Go to your settings. You can do this by searching 'settings' on your home screen or opening the settings icon. 


Step 1.2 

Open your 'control centre'. 


Step 1.3 

First thing, is to activate 'screen recording' this doesn't turn your screen recording on it just allows you to access the screen recording function. 

Once you've selected screen recording, it should be displayed in the 'included controls'. Another way to be sure you've activated the screen sharing functionality is to look for a red minus button next to it. 

Screen recording needs to be in the top section under 'included controls'


Step 2.1

Awesome work, you've enabled screen sharing. Now we need to turn it on. Exit from the control panel and settings.


Head back to your home screen. 


Starting the Recording

Step 3.1

Touch the battery icon and drag it down to show your control centre and find screen sharing 


Drag the battery symbol down

Step 3.2

Once you have the control Panel open find the button with a circle and little circle in the middle.  Once you have clicked this icon it will start a countdown from 3 to 0 and start recording after the countdown. 
@grace - insert photo of icon and options after selected

When you have finished your recording, you would do the same action when you started the recording. Drag down from the battery symbol on the top right and open the control panel up. 

Click on the recording symbol again to stop the recording

Where is the recording stored


Your recording can be found in your camera roll. 


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