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Project Tasks 
Australian Skills and Quality Authority

Information for Students 

 Context on this project 

See Me Please is conducting research for the Australian Skills & Quality Authority. We're helping them understand how accessible their student services and records are. 

For background, the Australian Skills and Quality Authority is the national regulator for vocational education and training. Their role is to ensure training providers provide high-quality and reliable training.

 Summary of project tasks

** Remember we're mainly interested in understanding the user experience below, with a particular focus on how easy the information is to understand and how accessible the online experience is.
You don't need to spend too much time on each task.   

Task 1. Interacting with the Australian, Skills and Quality Authority's website and digital forms, including a few specific touch points

We'd like to show our client the diverse user experience of how citizens interact with their website. Task one, involves recording your screen to show how you navigate their website. There's a few things we'd like you to demonstrate, please remember to record your screen and narrate your thought process:​

  • We're interested to see how intuitive it is for current or past students to find information on accessing a student record. Start by visiting the Australian Skills and Quality Authority's home page. Please show us what you would ordinarily do on this homepage if you were looking for a copy of your student record.

  • We'd now like you to review the information they provide for students trying to access their records. After reviewing this information, please explain what you would do to get a copy of your student record. We've provided the specific URL for students here in case you haven't found this information easily

  • Please visit the USI transcript service. We'd now like you to show how accessible their search function is. You can use fake personal information for this search, we just want to understand the accessibility of the search function. The USI Transcript Service is

  • Please head back to the Australian Skills and Quality Authority student record search. We'd like you to search for a student record. Start with identifying a provider (this is the second step they explain on their website)

    • If you have completed training with an RTO or studied at TAFE, please search for a genuine record. We will remove any personal information you provide. 

    • Alternatively, you could search for your closest TAFE campus​

  • If you didn't search the national register of RTOs, for your training provider, please do so via the RTO SEARCH LINK

  • We'd like to understand how accessible the department's student record search function is for RTOs that have closed. Assume you completed a safety certificate with 'Get Safe Training' . Use the search function on the Australian Quality and Skills Authority Website to see if you can find this closed training provider. If you cannot find the correct search function use this closed provider search link

  • Please complete the Australian Skills and Quality Authority's online enquiry form. Jsut complete it as best you can, we're interested to understand the accessibility of this online form. If you can't find it easily, please use this online enquiry form link

Task 2. Reporting a dodgy provider 

You think you might have been ripped off by an RTO. Their fees don't seem right. Don't spend too much time on this part. 

Record how you:

  • Would report this suspicious or dodgy RTO with the Australian Skills and Quality Authority. What would you be looking for or what would you search for on their website? 

  • If you didn't find the 'tip off' form, please use this tip off form link and complete a form. You don't need to include genuine details, we just want to understand how accessible the form is

Complete the survey

Frequently asked questions

It's another Accessibility All Star. She's sitting on a big stack of coins holding a dollar. She must work in payroll

When do I get paid?

You will need to complete the project tasks in order to get paid. 

Once complete, you'll be paid a week in arears on the Friday. 

Can you provide an example of 'good' user testing?

Here are a few tips to ensure your feedback is impactful:

  • Be Yourself: We are interested in your experience, and it's best if you relax and be yourself. Focus on your own interactions rather than providing general design or technology advice. 

  • Record Your Screen: Including any adaptations or assistive technologies you use. This serves as a visual aid helping our client to understand the diverse needs and accessibility challenges some users face.

  • Narrate Your Experience: Describe any issues, problems, or confusion you encounter. Your narration provides context and clarity, making your feedback more actionable. 

  • Turn On Your Camera: If you’re comfortable, please turn on your camera. Part of See Me Please’s mission is to highlight the human aspect of digital interactions. Being able to connect with humans providing feedback reinforces that you are a real person, not just data in a report. 

I'm not sure what to do! 

We're here to help. 

Feel free to email us at 

We'll get in touch regarding your question or set up a time to chat. 

User testing example 

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