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Project Tasks 
Feedback on MyGov Browser Experience 
For Services Australia 

Context on this project 

See Me Please is conducting research for the Australian Commonwealth Government to explore how Australians use the MyGov website. This project specifically focuses on the usability, accessibility and security of MyGov via a laptop or desktop (rather than feedback on the MyGov app). 

The goal is to help Service Australia understand ways they can improve the MyGov experience for all Australians. So we'd like your help providing feedback on what could be improved. 

The Australian Government is also exploring ways to improve the security of its MyGov service including feedback on the security features that Australians value and find easy to use. As well as security features or terms that Australians find confusing or difficult to use. 

 Objectives of this research

By gathering feedback, the government aims to improve the accessibility and security of the browser-based MyGov experience. 


The objectives of this research include 

  1. Usability of MyGov via laptop or desktop: Understand how intuitive and easy citizens find the MyGov portal to use and identify opportunities for improvement. 

  2. Comparing the layout, accessibility and general experience of MyGov against other government websites. 

  3. Security: Assess the sentiment of Australians regarding the security and privacy of their personal information and digital interactions with Government.

 Summary of project tasks

** Remember this project needs to be completed on a laptop or computer rather than via an app. 

Creating government websites is particularly challenging. It can often include information on thousands of different government services. The breadth of information and types of government services under one website introduces complexity for digital teams. This requires them to carefully think about how information should be organised and structured on websites. 


One of the best-regarded government websites across the globe is Gov.UK. While it's not perfect, it is recognised for its accessibility and usability by many people who work with technology in government. We'd like to start this project by asking you to record your interactions with a few aspects of the Gov.UK website. This will help you compare the Australian Government MyGov website interactions with a similar government website. 

Visit and record how you:

  • scroll up and down the home page, explaining how the elements you interact with and the information displayed. Try to explain parts that work well and parts you find difficult to use or understand. 

  • Lets pretend you're moving to the UK and interested in information on Income Tax. Search for information they have on income tax. How easy is it to find relevant information? Is it easy to understand?

  • The main part of this project relates to feedback on Australia's MyGov experience including how the Government can improve the security and ease of logging into MyGov. To provide a comparison, we'd like you to go through the process of creating a Gov.UK account, assuming you were moving there. If you get blocked or incur an issue, just provide feedback on the steps you interact with to create an account. The link is below:

Part 1. Using a best practice government website to compare MyGov against 

Part 2. Logging in and interacting with MyGov

Task 2.1 

We'd now like your feedback interacting with the Australian Government's MyGov website. There will be many subtasks involved in this part to get valued insights across customer journeys as well as feedback on specific features. 

Any highly sensitive information included in recordings, such as passwords, will be removed before sharing videos with Services Australia. This information will be deleted and not stored by See Me Please. That being said, we ask that user testers either create a new MyGov account under their generic 'See Me Please' account or change their password after this specific project. 

Visit, record how you: 

  • scroll up and down the home page, explaining how the elements you interact with and the information displayed. Try to explain parts that work well and parts you find difficult to use or understand. Compare it with your Gov.UK experience and try to explain what could be improved. 

  • Lets pretend you're interested in information on Income Tax. Search for information Services has on income tax. How easy is it to find relevant information? Is it easy to understand?

Task 2.2

Services Australia is particularly interested in how they can enhance the experience and security of creating accounts and logging into MyGov.

If possible, explain your experience of creating a MyGov account including

  1. validating your email address,

  2. phone number,

  3. setting a password and

  4. passcode phrase.

You can use your generic email account for this, and validate using your mobile number. We will work with Services Australia to delete these accounts after the user testing review. 

You can include dummy data for the account creation feedback. 

  • Try to explain, in detail

    • How easy or difficult it is to log in? For example, if the email validation passcode was displayed on a new line in the email, would it make it easier for you to copy the code and paste it

    • What works well?

    • What doesn't work well?

    • Can you think of better ways to design the login? 

    • Is it onerous or easy for you to complete this?

Task 2.3 

  • Follow the MyGov navigation pop-up prompts. Is the information helpful and easy to follow?​

  • Now explore the logged in dashboard content. How easy is it to navigate? 

  • Show how you would link to tax services or the ATO. 

Task 2.4

We'd now like to understand the accessibility of some of the MyGov core functionality ​

  • Set up MyGov notifications. Show how you would try to find the notifications function and set these up. 

  • If you're unable to access the notification settings use this link

Task 2.5

Now open your account settings and activate your passkeys

  • Show where you would navigate to find your account settings

  • Do you know what passkeys are? would you typically use this feature?

If you can't find account settings or passkeys, please use the following link

Task 3. Help Services Australia understand what information helps you understand and manage cyber risks

We'd like to understand what information is relevant and helpful to build awareness of cyber security risks. 

Task 3.1

Firstly, head back over to Gov.Uk and review the content they publish to UK based citizens regarding cyber security awareness. Explain what content is easy to understand and helpful, and explain where content doesn't make sense to you


The link below might be helpful

Compare the Gov.UK security content with content that Services Australia publishes. There are two separate pages that Services Australia provides. The links are below. 

Navigate the two pages and describe helpful information and information that's not. 

Which page is better and why?

Could anything be improved 

Page 1

Page 2

Task 3.2

Task 3.3

Compare the Gov.UK and Services Australia security awareness content with the information published by the Australian Signals Directorate.

What information is most relatable and relevant to you?

What information is most accessible and easy to navigate?

Did you learn anything?

Complete the survey

Frequently asked questions

It's another Accessibility All Star. She's sitting on a big stack of coins holding a dollar. She must work in payroll

When do I get paid?

You will need to complete the project tasks in order to get paid. 

Once complete, you'll be paid a week in arears on the Friday. 

Can you provide an example of 'good' user testing?

Here are a few tips to ensure your feedback is impactful:

  • Be Yourself: We are interested in your experience, and it's best if you relax and be yourself. Focus on your own interactions rather than providing general design or technology advice. 

  • Record Your Screen: Including any adaptations or assistive technologies you use. This serves as a visual aid helping our client to understand the diverse needs and accessibility challenges some users face.

  • Narrate Your Experience: Describe any issues, problems, or confusion you encounter. Your narration provides context and clarity, making your feedback more actionable. 

  • Turn On Your Camera: If you’re comfortable, please turn on your camera. Part of See Me Please’s mission is to highlight the human aspect of digital interactions. Being able to connect with humans providing feedback reinforces that you are a real person, not just data in a report. 

I'm not sure what to do! 

We're here to help. 

Feel free to email us at 

We'll get in touch regarding your question or set up a time to chat. 

User testing example 

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