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We're partnering with Services Australia to provide feedback on the security of government services and MyGov browser experience

See Me Please is conducting research for the Australian Commonwealth Government to explore how Australians use the MyGov website. This project specifically focuses on the usability, accessibility and security of MyGov via a laptop or desktop (rather than feedback on the MyGov app). 

The goal is to help Service Australia understand ways they can improve the MyGov experience for all Australians. So we'd like your help providing feedback on what could be improved. 

The Australian Government is also exploring ways to improve the security of its MyGov service including feedback on the security features that Australians value and find easy to use. As well as security features or terms that Australians find confusing or difficult to use. 

Here, we'll share some details on the project tasks, pay and deadline to complete so you can decide if you'd like to participate.

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