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We're onboarding user testers!

We're looking for user testers who are open to sharing their feedback and diverse user needs to make the digital world a little more inclusive.

Sadly, we've had people pretend to have a disability to participate in our user testing projects. So we're looking to onboard user testers onto our panel who are recommended and known by Disability Employment Services or one of our valued testers.

We're seeking people who are reliable, good communicators and open to sharing their user feedback to make online services better for everyone. We're specifically looking for people who:

  • are blind and use screen readers

  • have low vision and use assistive technologies or adaptions such as magnification, colour inversion or other tools

  • are physically disabled and use assistive technologies such as a head mouse

  • are Deaf or hard of hearing

  • First nations Austrlaians

We will auto-onboard user testers who meet our eligibility criteria if they're nominated by someone we know and trust!

Please put candidates forward here, providing you:

  • have spoken with them and they have expressed an interest

  • have explained that they will need to have a valid ABN to participate in our project reviews

  • can confirm they have low vision, no vision, are Deaf, physically disabled, bilingual or older than 70. We're ideally looking for people who navigate online services using assistive technologies or adaptions (i.e. uses a head mouse, screen readers, voice to text)


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