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We're looking for good people who want to do good work! 

If you have interested clients that fit into one of the user testing cohorts below, please nominate them to become a user tester with See Me Please. 

Our user testing projects are


Flexible - interested testers can opt-in for work that interests them. Work is completed in testers own time, with due dates set a few days out. 

Well paid - your clients nominate their pay rate and we always pay a min 3 hours regardless of whether the work takes less time

Meaningful - Our user testers genuinely help companies better understand their diverse customer needs in terms of accessibility and usability. 

We're on the hunt for testers who

  • have low vision

  • no vision

  • are neurodivergent

  • are non-English speaking, or bilingual 

  • are older than 70

  • are Deaf or hard of hearing

Nominate a suitable tester

We value our disability employment partners.


The nomination form below enables our known partners to refer a suitable candidate. Once complete your clients  receive an onboarding invitation and start receiving invitations to participate in projects

It's that easy!

How does it work?

How many hours can I work?

ABN and TFN 

Your personal information & privacy

What's the recruitment process?

How do I get paid?

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