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Screen Reocridng options for Macbooks

Here is a a list of options for screen recording software for Macbook 

Screen recording On Mac

1. Activating/Starting  the Screen Recording.

Step 1

Open the Applications page on your mac and Find the applicaiton called QuickTime Player.

Step 2. 

The quick time player won't open on your screen but to enable the recording go to the top of the screen. 

Select the File option. Then select New Screen Recording, this will start 

2. Stopping the Screen Recording/where to find the recording.

Step 1. 

To stop the recording when you started the recording a box will appear on the screen that shows a red

circle and the time of how long the screen recording has been going on for. To end the screen recording

click on the red circle. It will then proceed to ask you where do you want your screen recording saved.

Step 2. 

When it asks you where to save your screen recording make sure its somewhere you can find it. Also
name it something you can easily find it when you submit it.

3. How to send your recording to us

Step 1. 

To be added 


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