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Thank you for taking the time to understand customers who are too often overlooked as edge cases. We know that digital accessibility can be challenging, but awareness combined with feedback and insights like these represents a significant leap forward, even if you can't enhance your services straight away! 

MyGov Browser

In this project, we engaged diverse and disabled user testers to evaluate the MyGov browser experience. The primary focus areas included logging in, creating an account, setting up notification preferences, and configuring a passkey.


To establish a baseline, testers initially navigated the website, performing similar tasks. This allowed for a direct comparison of user experiences.

Additionally, testers assessed phishing and security awareness content on, MyGov, and the Australian Signals Directorate. Their insights aimed to highlight strengths and areas for improvement in accessibility and usability.

This approach ensured comprehensive feedback from users with various disabilities, providing valuable insights for enhancing the MyGov platform.

Security Sentiment & Passkeys

Screenshot 2024-06-02 at 6.24.49 pm.jpg

MyGov Digital Wallet
Insight report 

MyGov Digital WalletResearch Hub

Recordings of user testing experiences for your reference 

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100-point ID
Insight report 

100-point ID system
Research Hub

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