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Project Tasks 
Feedback on MyGov & Digital Wallets
For Services Australia 

 Context on this project 

See Me Please is conducting research for the Australian Commonwealth Government to explore how government-issued identification can be updated and used within digital wallets.

The goal is to empower citizens with more security, privacy, and control over the information they share with businesses.

Traditionally, proving your identity involves sharing numerous documents, often revealing more personal information than necessary. Many industries require more sensitive personal information than needed. With the rise of data breaches, moving to digital solutions offers a chance for the Government to find more secure ways for citizens to use their identification. For example, instead of handing over copies of your ID to book a hotel room, you could provide a verified digital record. Businesses would satisfy that an authorised identity check has occurred without having to sight or store copies of sensitive personal information like licences. 

 Objectives of this research

By gathering feedback, the government aims to modernise identity verification, offering citizens more secure and flexible options for sharing personal information. The objectives of this research include 

  1. Usability of MyGov App: Understand how intuitive and easy citizens find the MyGov app as a potential home for secure digital identification information. This will help identify necessary improvements.

  2. Usage of Other Digital Wallets: Learn how citizens use other digital wallets to see if government-issued IDs should be included in apps that people already use and prefer.

  3. Benefits and Convenience: Assess the additional benefits and convenience of providing citizens with innovative government-issued IDs and digital records.

 Summary of project tasks

** Remember this project needs to take place on your phone or tablet. We have provided some recording tips here

 MyGov app. It features a baby blue background and black triangles pointing to the right

Task 1. Download and log into the MyGov app

​Record how you:

  • Download the MyGov app if you dont already have it installed. The MyGov app is blue with black triangles. It's different to the MyGovID app. 

  • Log into the MyGov app. If it's your first time, you may need to create a log on. There are a range of ways you can choose to log in for the first time, it's your call as to how you want to log in. 

Task 2. Connect (otherwise known as Link) your MyGov app to a government service

Record how you: 

  • connect a relevant government service within the MyGov app.

  • Follow the prompts to link your MyGov app to one of the following: 

    • Medicare services

    • Australian Tax Office

    • Centrelink

    • Or any other the government service available to be connected through the app. 

  • If you already have one of these services linked, just record how you navigate the app. 

  • Record how you would ordinarily explore the app 

** Note, We are primarily interested in how intuitive and accessible it is for you to access government services via the MyGov app. We are not interested in the personal details contained in the records that you connect to. This information will be removed before we share the recordings with our client.

Task 3. Help us understand other government apps and digital wallets you use regularly 

  • We'd like to understand if there are other government apps you regularly interact with?

    • If so, please record other government apps you regularly use. ​

    • Explain what you use these government apps for

    • Explain how easy you find other government apps to use, compared with MyGov. 

  • We'd like to understand other digital wallets you use regularly. 

    • Please record any other digital wallets you interact with on your device. ​

    • Please don't record any of your personal banking information. 

    • For example, many popular examples include Apple Wallet, Google Wallet, Samsung Wallet, PayPal, Venmo, Microsoft Wallet, and Amazon Pay.

    • Explain what you store in your digital wallets and why ​​i.e identification? Boarding passes? Access cards?​​

Service Vic app icon. Features the word 'Service' on an orange background with a big triangle pointing down
Google wallet, bright and colourfull files stacked in a bright blue file
Apple wallet icon, black background, grey file and colourful files within
Service NSW app icon. Features their company name, the red warratah in a circle.

Complete the survey

Recording your tasks 

There are a number of ways you can record your screen on your phone. We've provided some tips and tools below. 

1. You can download the free Lookback app.


Once you've installed it on your device, you can select the task list link from this page, or access the task list from the email confirmation we sent you. 


If you select the task list link, it will automatically open the Lookback app on your device and prompt you to complete the tasks. Remember to minimise the instructions while you complete the tasks. 

2. You can use the built-in recording function available on your device 

Here are instructions for recording your screen on an android

Here are instructions for recording your screen on an iPad or iPhone 

Detailed steps to record on an iPad or iPhone, with images 

It's a male character from See Me Please busy on his computer typing

Frequently asked questions

It's another Accessibility All Star. She's sitting on a big stack of coins holding a dollar. She must work in payroll

When do I get paid?

You will need to complete the project tasks in order to get paid. 

Once complete, you'll be paid a week in arears on the Friday. 

Can you provide an example of 'good' user testing?

Here are a few tips to ensure your feedback is impactful:

  • Be Yourself: We are interested in your experience, and it's best if you relax and be yourself. Focus on your own interactions rather than providing general design or technology advice. 

  • Record Your Screen: Including any adaptations or assistive technologies you use. This serves as a visual aid helping our client to understand the diverse needs and accessibility challenges some users face.

  • Narrate Your Experience: Describe any issues, problems, or confusion you encounter. Your narration provides context and clarity, making your feedback more actionable. 

  • Turn On Your Camera: If you’re comfortable, please turn on your camera. Part of See Me Please’s mission is to highlight the human aspect of digital interactions. Being able to connect with humans providing feedback reinforces that you are a real person, not just data in a report. 

I'm not sure what to do! 

We're here to help. 

Feel free to email us at 

We'll get in touch regarding your question or set up a time to chat. 

User testing example 

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