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Project Tasks 
Australian Skills and Quality Authority

Becoming a registered training organisation

 Context on this project 

Everyone in Australia should have equal access and opportunity to launch a business. See Me Please delighted to be working with the Australian Government to help them understand how accessible and easy it is for businesses to become a registered training organisation.


We're working with the Australian Skills and Quality Authority to help them improve the process of becoming a registered training organisation (RTO), and we'd love your feedback. 


Background scenario

The scenario

We'd like you to complete this task assuming you're in this scenario. 

You've discovered that you have a unique skill that people are eager to learn from you. This skill could be anything, such as teaching people how to use a screen reader, teaching sign language, instructing organisations on how to write in plain English, teaching a language, or teaching music.

For the past two years, you have been running workshops as a commercial business and the demand for your training has grown significantly. It's no longer a small operation; it's time to elevate your training business and offer your students formal and recognised accreditation upon successful completion.

As your training business evolves, you realise that you know little about becoming an accredited provider, but your students consistently request formal qualifications

We want to help our client understand it's real people who rely on information like this, so please:

Be yourself. Chat through your interactions, let your personality shine, and have fun with it!

Were interested in


  • How simple it is to find and access the information you need.

  • The accessibility of the information and forms provided.

  • Your ideas on how things could be improved, including any other websites that do it better.

Recording your tasks 

You can use any screen recording platform you like and upload the recording via the button at the top of the page. 

A range of screen recording options are available, for example, using the built-in recording software on your device, the free version of Zoom, or the free platform OBS. 

Alternatively, you can use the screen recording tool we've set up below.


This screen recording tool isn't perfect and might not work for all testers. We're working hard at developing a custom-built and secure screen recording platform that we hope to launch in the next 12 months. 

It's a male character from See Me Please busy on his computer typing

Task 1. 

We'd like to show our client the diverse user experience of how citizens interact with services relating to becoming a registered training organisation. We're interested in understanding what most people would do as their first steps in becoming a registered training organisation as well as understanding if information and registration processes are usable and acccessible to all. 


There's a few things we'd like you to demonstrate, please remember to record your screen and narrate your thought process:​

  • Show us the first thing you'd do to understand what's required to become a registered training organisation online. Would you google a specific term, would you visit a certain website? What's the very first step you'd take and what would you do from there?

  • You want to know how much it costs to become a registered training provider, and how long it takes. What would you do?

  • Were you able to determine the time to become registered and how much it would cost?

Task 2.

You'll receive an invitation to use a 'See Me Please' email address with a user name and password. Feel free to use this email account for future tasks, rather than using your own private email. 

You've been provided with advice that you need to visit the 'ASQA' website to become a registered training organisation (RTO). Their website is

You'd like to understand 

  • What is involved in becoming an RTO

  • How long it takes to become an RTO

  • The cost to become an RTO 

  1. Record how you navigate their website to find out this information and explain, through narration your thought process.

    • Be sure to explain if you are unable to understand or access certain information. 

    • Is there terminology used that you find confusing?

    • Are the resource guides and information provided accessible 

  2. Once you have reviewed the website, and feel you can answer these questions, explain where you've landed. For example, if you're interested in becoming a registered training organisation for sign language, based on the information you've reviewed, how much will it cost? how long will it take and what's required to become registered?

  3. Record how you complete the following RTO application forms. If you get confused or can't complete the form, just record your attempt and explain the issue. You don't need to use real information, we're only interested in the accessibility and usability of the forms.

  4. Record how you create an account for the ASQA portal, link is available here. And show us where you'd submit this information.

  5. You'd like to understand a bit more about 'ASQA' as a government department and what they do to regulate training organisations so you decide to read their annual report. Visit this link to their annual report and show us how you navigate your way to the information they publish. 

Complete the survey

Frequently asked questions

It's another Accessibility All Star. She's sitting on a big stack of coins holding a dollar. She must work in payroll

When do I get paid?

You will need to complete the project tasks in order to get paid. 

Once complete, you'll be paid a week in arears on the Friday. 

Can you provide an example of 'good' user testing?

Here are a few tips to ensure your feedback is impactful:

  • Be Yourself: We are interested in your experience, and it's best if you relax and be yourself. Focus on your own interactions rather than providing general design or technology advice. 

  • Record Your Screen: Including any adaptations or assistive technologies you use. This serves as a visual aid helping our client to understand the diverse needs and accessibility challenges some users face.

  • Narrate Your Experience: Describe any issues, problems, or confusion you encounter. Your narration provides context and clarity, making your feedback more actionable. 

  • Turn On Your Camera: If you’re comfortable, please turn on your camera. Part of See Me Please’s mission is to highlight the human aspect of digital interactions. Being able to connect with humans providing feedback reinforces that you are a real person, not just data in a report. 

I'm not sure what to do! 

We're here to help. 

Feel free to email us at 

We'll get in touch regarding your question or set up a time to chat. 

User testing example 

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