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Digital accessibility is complicated,
but watching customers use your services is easy  

And sparks a genuine passion for change.


4 characters waving. One is a dude with red hair and three chicks. It's like they're saying 'Oh hey there, it's good to see you here, come chat with us'

We're pleased to see you here

Building empathy is more effective than a compliance report when it comes to accessibility. So we want to make it effortless for you, product managers, designers and developers, to access disabled and diverse user testers for feedback on your digital services. 

Our Accessibility-All-Star Testers

One-stop-shop for disabled and diverse user testers providing actionable, relatable, and human-centred accessibility insights

Icon of an eye with a strike thorugh it

No vision

Icon of a brain, in the shape of a light bulb shining


Icon of an ear, with a strike through it


Icon of an eye, with half of it blurred out

Low vision

icon of an older person with a walking frame

Older than 70

icon of three multicultural people. One  has a hijab, one has a turban and the other figure has no head dress. This graphic is used to illustrate that we hire globe trotters and try to hire new refugees to test translation services in websites.

Non-English speaking

Screenshot 2024-01-20 at 2.06.35 pm.png

Empathy through collaboration is more effective than audits

Nothing beats real customer feedback. Building empathy through firsthand experiences with diverse users provides unparalleled insights into the nuances of their interactions, frustrations, and triumphs.

We think a human-centered approach of showing you what 'accessibility' means, rather than telling you is most effective. 

Quick feedback loops that align with modern software development

Our user testing insights, recordings and research interviews, spanning a broad pool of testers, are available in days not months. 

Ahhh it's two more Accessibility All Star characters from See Me Please. They're a total vibe high-fiving.
Five See Me Please All Stars, they're holding stars in the air because they're integral helping businesses understand the usability of their services

Empowering you with valuable resources including recordings and insight reports 

Our Accessibility-All-Stars follow end-to-end customer journeys, test features, specific services, content, marketing campaigns and contact centre services.  

Providing your team with a consolidated insights report, friction points, survey insights and recordings. 

How our service works 

Our standard offering is the curation of panels, comprising 18 user testers, across six distinct cohorts, to use your services.


Organisation requests a review 


We curate a panel of at least 18 diverse Accessibility-All-Stars to complete user testing 


Our Accessibility-All-Stars record their user interface/ assistive tech and complete a survey


A love heart to illustrate care and empathy organisations gain

We improve your empathy and understading by providing a consolidated insights report and recordings

Our standard panels include: 

  • 3 people without vision

  • 3 people with low vision

  • 3 people who are deaf

  • 3 people who are neurodivergent

  • 3 people who are older 

  • 3 people who translate online content 

And we're delighted when you choose to include even more people as part of your user testing.

No annoying sales emails, just research and updates from our user testers

You've signed up, thanks for being interested in what we have to share

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